Is Quality Cabling Important??  


     It is if you want to avoid headaches with your network.  Many problems, including slow performance can be traced to improperly installed cable.  We have been manufacturer certified to install and test today’s high speed cable networks.  Our services include design, installation, testing and certification.  Our cabling experience includes co-ax, twin-ax, fiber optic cable and utp including enhanced Category 5 and Category 6 cable.  From a single office to multiple buildings we can provide a complete solution.



Problems With Your Existing Cable??


      We have invested in the latest technology for testing and certifying network cable.  Our assessment of your existing installation includes printed test results for each cable; you will have the information you need to pinpoint potential trouble spots.  We can also assist in repair or replacement of problem cables and associated hardware.

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Avoid cabling headaches. 

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